The City of Newark is working on a Concept Development (CD) Study to improve pedestrian and bicyclist connection between Broad Street and newly developed Passaic waterfront area, east of the McCarter Highway intersection with Center Street. A CD Study is the first phase of the Project Delivery Process for transportation improvements. The purpose of the CD Study is to evaluate practical alternatives that will guide future upgrades to the Newark Riverfront Study Area on Broad Street and Center Street, near the NJ Performing Arts Center and Military Park, making the roadways more accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians, and safer for all users.



Project Overview

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Project Updates

As the Newark Riverfront Concept Development Study progresses, regular updates will be posted here. Check back soon for project updates. 

Project Progress

  • Collect existing conditions information (Winter 2023-2024)  
  • Develop project Purpose & Need (Winter 2023-2024)  
  • Develop and analyze Improvements (Alternatives Analysis) (Spring & Summer 2024)  
  • Present Preferred Alternative Recommendation (Autumn & Winter 2024)
  • Community Outreach (ongoing)

Preliminary Engineering (PE) Phase

Expected Timeframe: 2025+

Final Design (FD) Phase


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